Our Evolution

Performark’s founder, Joe Lethert, in 1984 had a hunch that companies were not following up on inquiries coming in from their marketing campaigns like bingo cards, print advertisements and tradeshows. He and the founding team set out to test his hunch and began sending inquiries to hundreds of businesses across multiple verticals. The results were published in Performark’s Landmark Study and were subsequently picked up by The Wall Street Journal, and Performark’s practice was born.

The study proved that companies were doing a poor job of following up and qualifying inbound leads, and as a result significant sales opportunity was lost. Performark built envisioned and subsequently launched a full closed-loop methodology to track, qualify, assign, distribute, nurture, and follow-up on sales-ready leads which prevented opportunities from falling through the cracks.

As time went on more and more companies struggled with generating enough volume of inquiries to fill their pipeline. They turned to us to drive their outbound prospecting and nurturing campaigns to grow their target market database, engage in meaningful conversations with key decision makers, schedule appointments with sales ready contacts and nurture their hard earned prospects for future opportunities. Our team developed the Progression Metrics™ methodology to measure outbound program effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement long before a program is done. Progression Metrics™ ensures that we can quickly identify a challenge with the audience list, the relevance of the messaging or skills of the sales development team even in the earliest stages of a program to allow for continuous improvement. No surprises at the end of a campaign!

The methodology we use from the enabling technology to the talent we hire has been defined by Mary Dedrick, Performark’s President and as of 2016 now the owner of Performark. Our methodology has evolved just as our ownership has, although one thing remains the same – our objective has always been to create relationships between buyers and sellers to drive results and sales revenue up.

Our Values

Ask yourself, could you make 100 calls and have 30+ conversations with different companies every single day? Most people could not, yet we have identified key motivators and behaviors enabling us to secure talent that not only can make the calls and have the conversations but love what they do. These people are tenacious, disciplined and will do what it takes to drive the right results. Our team has to adapt to the latest technology so that we can deliver results efficiently for the sales reps we support. We also believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in our community and find that when our employees are community focused they feel good about what they do. In fact, all team members are given two paid days a year to volunteer in the community in an activity of their choice. From supporting local food shelves and tutoring children, to serving the elderly and lending a hand to build homes for the homeless our team stays connected with the local community.

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