Identify & Build Target Audience

Define your target market and expand the breadth and depth of the audience including identifying the buy team and buyer personas.

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Assess Buyer Readiness

Consolidate all inbound marketing activity, identify qualification readiness, assign and distribute sales-ready leads to your sales channel.

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Build Prospect Relationships

Engage in meaningful conversations with buy team members until they are ready to talk directly with your sales rep.

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Drive Event Registration

Capture and manage registrations for all your events, and utilize phone and email outreach to drive up registration and increase attendance rates.

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Industries We Serve

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Technology

Evolution of Sales


We have all heard the stat, today's buyers have completed 57% of the purchase decision before they even talk to a rep. What if that rep is not yours? In the thousands of campaigns we’ve conducted over 30 years one thing has not changed. The phone is an effective medium to connect with prospects and generate sales-ready leads. about-2 In fact, conversion rates have held steady even though technology has changed drastically. Technology enables to us to work smarter and engage with buyers at optimal times. So throw out your rolodex, but keep your phone.

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About Performark

We partner with marketing and sales to design, execute, measure and refine lead generation, appointment setting and lead nurturing solutions that deliver a steady stream of sales ready opportunities.


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