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The old saying that in most business-to-business sales a buyer purchases from companies they know, like, and trust still seems to be true. So what if buyers don’t even know you exist? Most companies do not have enough inbound lead traffic and must supplement with outbound efforts to generate appointments with qualified buyers.

As the sales process evolves many companies are separating outbound prospecting from selling so sales reps can stay focused on being in front of buyers and closing business. Whether your company does this in house or outsources to a company like Performark there is a lot to consider to make an appointment setting program successful. Our team of experts works with our clients to build campaigns with these key components:

  • Develop messaging that will engage a prospect in a conversation.
  • Establish optimal cadence of communication for email and phone outreach.
  • Utilize target audience to validate decision maker and identify other members of buy team.
  • Qualify prospects and secure appointments.
  • Define and implement an ongoing nurturing process for those who aren’t quite ready.
  • Utilize Progression Metrics™ to measure and refine along the way.

Performark has the technology and resources to execute outbound prospecting campaigns that generate appointments within the first week for most of our clients.

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We partner with marketing and sales to design, execute, measure and refine lead generation, appointment setting and lead nurturing solutions that deliver a steady stream of sales ready opportunities.


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