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If you send all of your inbound marketing leads over to sales for follow-up, you could be missing new business opportunities. On average only 25% of inbound marketing leads are ready to speak with your sales rep, yet you are asking your sales rep to follow up with 100%. The average sales person will make 2 attempts to reach a prospect before they give up. Since it takes 6+ attempts to reach a prospect to even have a conversation, most of the inbound leads fall through the cracks. Protect the selling time of your sales team by peeling off the assessment of buyer readiness to another capable team.

Our team takes all inbound leads, codes and loads them, and by using email and phone we connect with your prospects. By having meaningful conversations, we can determine if they meet your criteria of what a sales person should spend their time following up on. We then hand over the sales-ready lead to your rep, and we follow-up until we know what happened with it. The prospect is happy because they got followed-up on, sales is happy because they only get the good stuff, and marketing is happy because they know the leads are followed up on and they can measure ROI.

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We partner with marketing and sales to design, execute, measure and refine lead generation, appointment setting and lead nurturing solutions that deliver a steady stream of sales ready opportunities.


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